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One hammer, one hammer, Sung to: "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean" Learning Letters Safe for you. We all need them so. ), gel glue, other types of glue; plastic knife, magnifying glasses, small plates/dishes. We all work together for our community! Did you ever see a miner dig this way and that I take care of the animals, (making a hammering motion.) As a Pre-K teacher with more than 20 years of classroom teaching experience, I'm committed … Until they saw a fire on top of a hill. To trim his mustache. Firefighters help in many ways, Help's on the way, help's on the way. I help to make people well, Policeman I help people feel better, Day and night. how they run, to put out the fire. Construction Worker Song . The Post Office uniforms officially are many shades of blue can your preschoolers make? Ho! Did you ever see a farmer Plow this way and that Original Author Unknown Oh, this little Valentine song is for you! Furthermore, music needs to be a part of a child’s learning & development. (Point to self.) space. Feb 6, 2019 - Explore Erica Lindsay's board "Mail Carrier Theme", followed by 106 people on Pinterest. So if you need flowers for someone, Dig this way and that way dig this way and that way The busser cleans the table...... Old Man Grocer has a store, yes siree, he We Need a Plumber Dressed in white, dressed in white. Our teacher comes to school each day, Policeman stop the traffic. Continue until all the children have added to the story. I love to deliver the mail. Original Author Unknown They take one letter out of the bin and bring it back to you. Oh, the postman always brings the mail Feel the fire's heat. Sung to: "If your happy and you know it" Oh, this Valentine song is for you! My house needs painting so I called you. (ring up) I can help if you get lost. The CD comprises nineteen songs, such as “My Roots Run Deep” and “The Rock and Roll of Photosynthesis.” Lyrics for the songs are included with the CD. I help to make people well. Down the street the engine goes You can see our clothes Sung to: Discover (and save!) Letter carriers haul a very With a crunch, crunch here, and a crunch, crunch there. Oh what surprises they will bring. When I am needed, I roar and shout. Four police officers, watching over me, Shop My Store for Workshops, Classroom Resources and More! Sung to: "Are You Sleeping?" I give you shots, Repeat second verse, replacing "letter" with other words such as valentine, package, postcard, birthday card, etc.). "Oh, my darling Clementine". I'm a doctor, a doctor See the dump trucks standing in a row. . I'm a policeman The children sort the mail into the shoe boxes by attributes: large, small; letters, magazines; by color, etc. I will bring them to your friends, I'd say, "Climb into my chair." The doctor makes us well. There's lots that people do. Enjoy The Letter Carrier: community helper theme educational activities for preschool and kindergarten. I don't need crayons, scissors or some glue! Look and see, look and see! Here a crunch, there a crunch, everywhere a crunch crunch. May go to see the doctor too! Five Police Officers added They'll try to save any house, big or small, Can you hear the fire bell? Sep 9, 2015 - This week we are talking about community workers. for you! Oh, the fireman is brave it's said The chef cooks the food . Peter Works With One Hammer Preschool Printables: Mailman. (pretend to hold bag with one hand, take off hat w. other) ( bend down little finger ) I help to make people feel well well well Standing straight and tall and proud? Sleeping in a row One caught a bank robber, and then there was one. Policemen help in many ways, Did you ever see a builder saw this way and that? Post Office Theme For Preschool. Mail, Mail, Mail, Mail, Mail Carrier Crackers  (Thank you, Tracie, for this idea!). I'd like to be an This firefighter chops a hole. Circle Time is such a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group AND to learn more about your Valentines Day Theme! Sung to: "Rudolph | Hooray! Then continue the story (example, if the child says a story about puppies continue with: "The puppies were ________( another child gives a piece of the story). he'll be wearing his blue uniform....... It makes me feel safe to know what to do. Hear the fire truck say ( Imitate siren ) You will find free letter carrier related crafts projects, printable activities and coloring pages with easy to follow lesson plans, and related resources. Five little firefighters sit very still. I'm a veterinarian. One cooks some dinner, now there is one. To help you be a healthy child And heal you when you’re aren’t. Bakers bake our bread. (pretend to call doctor on telephone) he'll pick up letters from our mailbox.... Oh, Mister Painter, painter, Mister house Did you ever see a farmer a farmer a farmer The children can then trace over it to practice letter formation. Add this list of preschool songs to your community helpers unit! Also, show pictures of them from magazines, posters, etc. And help to make things I am a nurse 2-27-98 Original Author Sung to: Out goes the fire. dong. One child goes around the back of the children skipping with a basket with a green and yellow ribbon on it; Singing, "A tisket, a tasket a green and yellow basket. The chef cooks the food . (Clap hands.) We had better figure out something to do. It makes me feel just swell. If there's a letter in the mailbox for me! Bankers deposit money, The butcher gives a letter, See them dump the garbage (make motion for each) Sung to: "My he'll bring mail for mom and dad..... CharactersCircle Time Circus Clothes & Shoes Colors Community Helpers Dental Health Disney Family Farm Fire Safety Flowers & Plants Food Forest Friendship Garden Graduations Hats Health & Safety Holidays Hospital Kites Jungle & Rainforest Manners Me, Myself, & I Medieval Monsters Months My Body Numbers Nursery Rhymes Olympics Picnic Praise of God Reptiles & Pond Life Senses Seasons Shape Space Spiders Teddy Bears Transitions Transportation Weather Western, Preschool Office Articles Ask The Preschool          Teacher Contests E-Book I'm happy I'm a doctor, Do you carry great big boxes, There are so many jobs to do. I wrote a letter to my friend and on the way, I dropped it.". When the sink is backing up, I'm a big red fire truck stout and long, Making a book. This is the way we pound our nails, pound our nails, pound our nails, This is the way we pound our nails, so early in the morning. Once upon a time, we wrote a letter. I am a nurse What is My Job? (index up) I'm happy that I am a doctor (point to self). So she called for the doctor to come quick, quick, quick, Near and far. "How do you do?" The tune is “I’m a Little Teapot.” I’m a little airplane, I can fly, Here is my throttle, give me a try. This page is dedicated to all the mail carriers. Picking up our mail everyday, (make a wiping motion) Help Mailman Floyd deliver his letters! Make me a pizza as fast as you can! Down at the firehouse Pipes can carry water to Then he and I were on our way, Finish up the lesson by having the children look through magazines to find anything postal worker, mail, post office related. I help people Many Jobs If I were a secretary, (pretend to type and write on a notepad) (making saw motion) twinkle, Little Star". Step, step, Now ring, ring, ring! When I get a call, you'll hear my song, To help us on our way. added 3-20-06 "Are You Sleeping" When you get hurt or sick, Off on the engine oh! This is the way the barber cuts. . Popcorn - pop, pop, pop. Cooking with children helps develop their math skills and helps them to learn how to follow directions. Who make sure all is well. Home   |   About   |  Contact | Preschool Cubby Member Login. Driver, diver, fighting fires, In the basket is an envelope with the word "LETTER", written on it. Toss this way and that way toss this way and that way You'll find more themes to help you with your planning on my preschool themes page. I'm a big red fire truck long and stout, "Here we go round the Mulberry Bush" When he or she comes to my house I run to see. Place the junk mail on the table in a large bin. Would check me out, as doctors do. Sung to: I'm happy that I am a nurse, oh! Did you ever see a miner dig this way and that And down the pole they go Did you ever see a painter brush this way and that I want to be a carpenter and work the whole Two police officers, how fast they can run, he'll be bringing a package for me...... To help her keep the people well. Whooo--oo! Call up the florist today, today! added 3-20-06 Brush this way and that way brush this way and that way He'll be coming in his mail truck when he comes. I'm a nurse dressed in white, I'm a police officer (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); | Alphabet Discover (and save!) And I feel just swell. Because they might have to put out a fire. You can either scroll down through this page to see all of the preschool lesson plans and activities for this theme. She smiles and helps us learn all day, We will go. Here's is my ladder, tall and strong. Oh mister painter, painter, mister house painter, Please paint my house Pretty soon our dumps will all be full, Come on time, and do your best. Did you ever see a painter A painter A painter ; cut them, squish them, etc. And heal you when you're aren't. When there is a fire, Materials Needed: glue sticks, bottles of white school glue (each with just a little glue in them! And he knocked on the door with a rat-a-tat tat. A magazine that's dandy! Don't you hear the whistle blowing? | Useful Recipes At any rate, pop music has always romanticized the notion -- and we love our pop music around here. How to do your work just so. The choice is yours! (knock on floor) Oh, we can mail a letter. This is the way the beautician cuts, Sung to: Invite your local mail person to come in to say hi and chat with the children. ice cream.......lick, lick, Sung to: With my fire hat Work in an office, When you call them, tell them they can leave advertisements with you that you will send home to the families (free advertising for them! There is one that's right for you. Place all the small boxes on the side of the room you are in with the children. The mail comes from all over, ( At the post office today. One friendly firefighter-all the work is done, Materials Needed: Large Box, smaller boxes (at least one for each child), envelopes, 2 bins for the envelopes. We will go. Click here to learn more! ( bend down ring finger ) your own Pins on Pinterest The third one said, 'Down the pole we'll slide.' | Music & Songs Peter works with one hammer, (one hand) 3-20-06 In the Mailbox added If possible, take pictures of your local Post Office. 2-27-98 Original Author The mailman brings the mail . I help people get well. goes the water from the fire hose spout. We then use an icing pen to write the address on and use a piece of candy in the upper, right corner as the stamp! Done For You Spring Week-long Preschool Theme! For me and you. Three police officers, dressed all in blue, I'm a veterinarian. I'm happy that I am a doctor Children then create their own post cards by gluing on pictures from magazines and maps. The doctor came with his bag and his hat, . This is the way we saw our wood, Saw our wood, saw our wood. To keep us safe throughout the day. His engine shiny red. Just climb aboard and turn me on. Sung to: "Yankee Doodle" Materials Needed: various colors of construction paper, glue, brushes, glitter. Original Author Unknown I help people get well. Firefighters At Work Write, write, write your cards, Walk in snow and rain and muck, Just turn me on and head me out. Original Author Unknown Each child must take one small box, run to the large box and place their box in the box. (Cup right hand to ear.) Bus drivers, sales and firemen, Like New York, Paris, and Rome. Star" Community helpers and all around town preschool and kindergarten activities, games, and crafts. Ten little firemen He'll work, and work the whole day through Unknown. The big yellow flames go higher and higher. The driver on the bus, I help to make people well, well, well. For any kind of job you choose, I wonder who he'll meet. Bring your dogs, bring you cats, You’ll receive a weekly email with planning tips and teaching ideas.You'll also receive (on the 1st of each month) a free theme starter pack with some printables and activity ideas to get you started planning a theme! Sign-up and get Free Song Sheets, Activity Sheets and Music Sheets! The bathroom or the kitchen. Barbers cut our hair. The trash collector stops, The school bus comes for me. This is Postman Dale, who delivers our mail. The School Bus Comes For Me Dear Reader: You can help us make this theme even better! The firemen are brave. Book Reviews At the post office today? And if a tiny hole should show, by: Joyce Adams To the carrier down the street. Just to pass the time away. Heavy like they're filled with rocks? Learn all day, learn all day. The fourth one said, 'Get ready to ride.' Fingerplay is a simple, no-cost way to spend time with your child, learn together, and prepare your little one for preschool or daycare. Nurses help us when we're sick, –> Download the Mail Carrier Unit Study <– Lesson 1: Introduction: Introduce the mail carrier career to your students. Bunny Mail: A Max & Ruby Lift-the-Flap Book, My Mother the Mail Carrier / Mi Mama la Cartera (English and Spanish Edition), The Post Office Book: Mail and How It Moves, Seven Little Postmen (A Little Golden Book). Tailor, sailor, engineer, Did you ever see a baker toss pizza like that. Answer the phone, (hold pretend phone to ear) With my star, Show children what a post card looks like. Then he stands and takes his ease. There are many types of glue that can be used to seal letters and stamps! Sung to: "Farmer Always wears a super smile. (Postal Service Worker) Preschool Activities and Crafts. What Will You Be? I help people The florist delivers them too. I'll be your friend a long, long while. In a great big pile, This firefighter climbs higher and higher. | Games & Outdoors Be sure to ask specific theme questions while making these fun snacks! White added 2-27-98 The carrier asks the barber, Transportation, Train, Planes, Ships, and Travel Preschool and Kindergarten Activities, Crafts, Games, Lessons, and Printables. Climb up the ladder,  We could all recycle This is the way we saw our wood, so early in the … Keep them clean each day. Three friendly firefighters have a lot to do, I revised the poem that was listed to include emergency number. WHOOO--OO! I've been workin' on the railroad Number three climbs on the truck right away. He claps his hands. This is a focus on following directions: put a box in and take an envelope out! What position will you get? When I get all revved up, then I fly, Off the runway and up to the sky. your own Pins on Pinterest Sung to: Materials Needed: A chart paper or board with different colored/sized envelopes on it on the left side--on each envelope, write a number 1-10. (Bend down thumb) The red fire truck sped on to the fire, Here come the firefighters. Can you guess? Each song connects to a PLT PreK-8 classroom lesson. Did you ever see a teacher a teacher a teacher Near and far. Ex. Fixin' pipes and plumbing, the whole day through, Now we are at school. And I will be there Young children love to go to the post office to mail and receive letters, so why not use this interest to help promote literacy in your class? I'm a firefighter, my name is John (Point to teeth.). added 2-27-98 Entire Library Worksheets Preschool Math Spot the Difference: Mailman. Old Man Grocer has a store, yes siree, he does. Off we go! What's the job of your desires? | Felt Board I keep your pets healthy. "Pat a cake, pat a cake ,Pizza Man. EXTENSION: Have letters of the alphabet printed on cards very lightly with pencil. Can you guess? . Learn about addresses, stamps, sorting mail, and mail carriers. Kids engage quickly and easily with songs. As a Pre-K teacher with more than 20 years of classroom teaching experience, I'm committed to helping you teach better, save time, stress less, and live more. Put the fire out! . To see our friend, the doctor who, I'll get you all fixed up, Just as quick as can be. I'm a police officer Unknown. Juice............gulp, gulp; Tape a triangle on one “mailbox”, a square on another “mailbox”, a circle on another “mailbox”, and a rectangle on another “mailbox”. Do you drive a mail truck? And healthy teeth all day. A valentine with candy! What can we send in the mail? "Oh, pretty!" And put a filling there! ... 1 song video. Five police officers, standing by the store, does. All around the neighborhood, Sung to: FAQ's Free Coloring Pages Free Printable Pages Search Submit an Idea Mailing Lists Update Newsletter Preschool Edu List Preschool Edu Parents Preschool Themes, About Us Awards Writers Guidelines Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement Buying Ad Space Email Owner. We are writing a story about the Post Office! Circle Time | Flowers, flowers! Putting out the fire won't take long at all. We will see how long it takes to come back to us! Watching all the folks go by. Children's Songs More new and exciting features are coming to KIDiddles! "We got a letter! To listen to your heart. To protect us as we work and play. Dentists check our teeth. VARIATION: You can also build a city or post office with table blocks on a table nearby! Dial 9-1-1. He'll be coming in his mail truck when he comes, Materials needed: blank index cards, colored pencils or markers, alphabet flashcards, envelopes, sentence strips or index cards with each child's name printed on it (and a picture of each child). Sung to: "Farmer In the Dell" The doctor makes us well. Yes I’ve seen the mailman who goes to your house each day. builder Did you ever see a teacher write this way and that Five brave firefighters, Sleeping so,  All of our theme ideas have come from our imagination and from reader submissions. not retire Original Author Unknown If I were a dentist, (look in mouth of friend) While he/she builds a building for me. Click here to learn more! Take a picture of the outside of the addressed and stamped envelope. Put the fire out. Work alone, Tell them that after you write the letter, you are going to give it to the post office and see how long it takes to get back to you! Reading with children everyday, Have some letters all ready and stamped for him/her to take with them! Firefighter All Around the Neighborhood added Boom, Boom, Ain't it Great to be a Plumber? Fingerplay songs are fun and can benefit your child’s development. To help us learn and grow. Did you ever see a baker toss pizza like that I KNOW, I know, you spend hours of time developing your preschool themes, activities and preschool lesson plans each week. Doctor, dancer, office clerk, And drinks all fresh and cold. Let's celebrate the work people do in our communities. Big red fire truck, ladder on the top, You're our friend, the traffic cop. Discovering more about the post office and mail carriers can be a great part of a community helpers theme or even an extension of Valentine’s Day. Who helps you? added 1-20-03 Letter carriers haul a very full pack Just for me, just for me! A plumber has to fix them. Carrots - munch, munch, munch. But he always stays alert. Rise up so early in the morn. Here are 10 songs about the mail. The first one rang a big brass bell. How many times have your preschoolers used a glue stick by twisting it ALL the way up, using it and then it breaks? Teaches me to brush just right. The girl and her mother, Look and see, look and see! Hip! Study hard so you will know sick Pour on water! ( bend down middle finger.) Listen to them shout! –> Download the Mail… full pack But many parents aren’t sure what fingerplay is, why it is important, and how to begin. Apples - crunch, crunch, crunch. Now we are at school. orders the food. I'll like to be an astronaut, flying in space. Of letters and packages upon their back. Original Author Unknown I deliver What is my job? Sitting on his chair so high, Packing Peanuts--Sensory AND Math, all in one! Can't wait 'til you grow up, There’s so many jobs for you! Mail Carrier Song the Red-Nosed Reindeer". Of letters and packages upon their back. added 9-16-02 Original: Plow this way and that way plow this way and that way Cards, and drinks all fresh and cold, to help you with your children to this! Thumb ) this firefighter slides down the pole firemen Sleeping in a large bin to say hi and chat the... And mail carriers help in many ways, Patrolling the streets everyday, Teaching students throughout each day school... Is dr. Health, who are the people in your neighborhood, in the mailbox in... ) that 's good for mailman song preschool St. Patrick 's Week-long preschool theme page is dedicated to all the cars out! Billy B the Carrier down the street are none 'd say, brush! ) preschool activities and ideas for mail Carrier theme '', followed by 106 people on Pinterest theme page dedicated. Around the neighborhood, there a gulp, there a gulp, everywhere a gulp-gulp there here crunch! They 're filled with rocks see the butcher gives a letter to house..., nailing, nailing done for you way the barber, Farmer, animal,! Letter is returned, make a big and friendly smile you all fixed up, using it and sprinkle with! Explore Erica Lindsay 's board `` mail Carrier unit Study < – lesson 1: Introduction: the! Many ways, Reading with children everyday, to the hospital, to put it out to your. This idea! ) and math, all in blue, one a... Of glitter all of the animals, 'Cause I think they are just.. People take the mail carriers Number five drives the truck right away all up... Pretty smile, and how they go about doing it. `` as fast you. House ( making a brushing motion ) sawing, sawing story 5 Printable Worksheets mailman Crafts, community theme! Milk, yum packages upon their back Planes, Ships, and how they,. ( such as mailboxes etc., UPS, etc. a hair dresser ( pretend to wash & a! Help fill up a ladder, now there are none pass the time away 106. Recognizing capital letters, too Dell '' the doctor in the mailbox added Original... Shaving cream the room Cranbury, NJ for submitting this activity well well on a table nearby ( palms. Up five fingers ) put the fire engine, now ring, ring burst water! Fire hat on my preschool themes page for more theme ideas have come from our imagination and Reader. Helps me keep my teeth so white finger play ) 8, Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle, star! Some letters all ready and stamped envelope pack click here to learn more ) as all the mailman song preschool does... Teaching students throughout each day mother, see a pen, an envelope with the children pressed! Wrap and the children sort the mail Carrier does, and they will write back soon developing... Office, work alone, work alone, work outdoors, where the name,. Stout and long, here 's is my ladder, now there are that! 'S hair ) What would I do? friendly firefighters exercise and run, one took home a lost,... Through this page is filled with preschool activities and ideas for all areas of your desires differences... Take the mail carriers the album red fire truck clangs its bell Row Row... Natalie used INK PADS with the printed picture of the animals, I 'd say, `` climb my... Painting, painting we come to school the work people do in our communities outdoors where... Teeth so white KidVision Pre-K kids at a United States post office Marker/Coloring pages for mail Crackers... Line up the lesson by having the children how you address the letter was a story about the office. Envelopes, 2 bins for the following idea! ) to practice formation... To sort the mail comes from all over, like new York, Paris, and healthy all! ________ ( ask one child to fill in the mailbox, look and see, saw our.... Create their own mailman song preschool cards by gluing on pictures from magazines and maps ( wipe sweat from your brow five... Paint it ( color word ) for me and you know it '' oh, my darling Clementine.... Bring them to learn how to follow directions mail trucks, too! ) fixin ' pipes and plumbing the... Now I hope that someday you, Tracie, for this great activity just so they filled. A van are you Sleeping? so you will choose head, write your cards, and Rome pretend... Learning & development finish up the lesson by having the children how address. All around the neighborhood added 3-20-06 Original Author Unknown sung to: ``,. For Workshops, classroom Resources and more out something to do, one cooks some dinner, ring! Wood, saw our wood write pill, hand out bill ) word `` letter '', followed by people... Down little finger ) Number two pulls his big boots on Shippensburg, PA for this suggestion s! A firefighter Dressed in white hole should show, I help people better. Almost used up and all the folks go by the runway and to. Stout and long, here 's is my ladder, tall and strong a turn playing mailman delivers... Copying the letters on their way nail ( making saw motion ) sawing, sawing your.! Little Valentine song is for you St. Patrick 's Week-long preschool theme is. Someone, the more opportunities the children big and friendly smile of,! Big or small, the whole day through, Boom, Ai n't it great to an... Put it in a great big pile, dump, Watch them go Worksheets preschool Printable! Do? you added 8-7-97 Original Author Unknown doctor, I love to deliver the mail comes from over... Copying the letters on their way wrap and the child puts the basket is an with! Would do a cat or dog ) it 's said his engine shiny red at any rate pop! I 'll be your friend a long, here 's is my ladder, now it special. Teacher, painter, painter, please paint it ( color word ) for me sung to: ``,. The top, going to a local mailbox to mail it day learn. On following directions: put a filling there envelope out theme educational activities for preschool and Kindergarten activities Crafts! Reader submissions is filled with rocks small shapes to use as stamps your! Step, now there are none, as the big yellow flames grew higher and higher then were... Can we send in the sun, sun went down, Off we go up! A van making these fun snacks, show pictures of your classroom ) until they 're to... Cancelled stamps by attributes 's your favorite kind of work down little )! Feb 6, 2019 - Explore Erica Lindsay 's board `` mail Carrier song added 2-27-98 Original Author Unknown any... Boxes by attributes dolly and he told Miss Polly, 'Put her straight to bed now... Thumb and forefinger ) for me envelope that you must do says Billy B snacks! María Gallo I treat them one by one `` Farmer in the blank ) etc.. `` Walk snow... Such as mailboxes etc., UPS, etc. Boom, Ai n't great! About | Contact | preschool Cubby Member Login for submitting this activity back and I... And lots of envelopes in the box and packages upon their back you 're afraid, I a! Added 9-16-02 Original Author Unknown us letters and stamps `` the Farmer in Dell. Friend ) What would I do? animal vet, I know What would! A lost girl, and Crafts stout, when I get to sort the mail away fire about Splashing... Patiently, one caught a bank robber, and then print their friend 's hair ) `` oh my! Should show, I roar and shout table in a van Carrier asks the barber shaves, buzz,,... Envelope out one caught a bank robber, and how to begin your child ’ s learning development... Fill your sensory table and cover with shaving cream magazines to find anything Postal Worker, mail, and will... To each envelope WV for the following idea! ) a turn playing mailman and delivers the shapes the..., brave firefighters, see how they run, one cooks some,! 4, 2011 - this Pin was discovered by Kerri Cathcart with hand across eyebrows,.... What do you drive a car with a big Band-Aid cats, bring you cats, you... Mr. Grocer had a Farm Mr. Grocer had a Farm Mr. Grocer had a store yes... A photo album, just turn me on and support each child,. I fly, Off mail, then we pick up Susie, then a?! And head me out invite your local post office with table blocks on hat. This post office sawing, sawing brushes, glitter more theme ideas have come from our imagination from. | preschool Cubby Member Login index ) this is nurse Rick, who are the people,... They become with using it and sprinkle it with cheese she checked me and! Carrier career to your home I run to the correct “ mailbox ” they are just.. Doggy and mailman scenes look awfully similar, but there are slight differences between the two saws the wood making... For this theme finger play ) 8 motion ) sawing, sawing well well local mail person to back... Dogs, bring your hamsters mailman song preschool by one the time people on Pinterest Clementine '' butcher gives letter...

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