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So than can I give it the 2nd. Can I dilute it so it’s not so thick? Is it flexible enough for your application? I have used several cans of spray semi-gloss spar urethane, not getting the result I want. Minwax (tm) oil Is the Epifanes ‘Wood Finish’ product a reasonable option to avoid the sanding? Bottom line is if it pours somewhere between honey and thick syrup, it needs diluting. The finish was applied 7 days ago. No air bubbles and dried perfect and took so little time and effort. No real reason to use a spar urethane. After reading your article and a good many replies, I’m wondering why you don’t like spraying? Would like to know if you can apply spar urethane over a formica countertop? You don’t have to use a lot of pressure when you sand – I prefer fine and very fine “sanding pads” over paper. I thought it was dry so went over it with steelwool and now noticed in some of the groves it is a bit ticky. I’m seeing light spots on the wood and it looks as though the raised panel door has sucked in some water from the frequent waterfalls. (I had never before heard of sanding after the final coat, only heard between coats.). Because this table will be outside I will need to finish it with spar urethane. Wet Dry 700 epoxy in our Best Selling - fix anything It feels like fine-grit sandpaper. finishes on boats. Your site is great! I figured if spar varnish was good for boats, it would be good in a bathroom, too. :) Admittedly I didn’t put in the necessary practice time, but I just found the wiping method to be much easier with no chance of brush strokes. You are just coating the surface evenly with a thin wet film. Hey Steve. Does 6 coats make sense? It looks wonderful while it’s wet, but when it dries it has slight cloudy look to it? I would probably recommend giving the floor a light scuff sanding with 320 grit paper just to rough it up a bit while also smoothing out any bumps or dust nibs. But keep testing on small areas (smart move), until you get it right. I used a finishing sander to remove the discolored wood and finish as well as to taper out the edge. Oil just takes so long to dry, the results of coloring with that could very well be unpredictable. However, for an outdoor table and benches I made I was not able to get a smooth finish using the same method with a spar poly. Hi Danielle. When I have tried to thin it, I get even more bubbles when I apply it, and the sheen goes from semi-gloss to satin or even matte. If you have an advice on this I’d be quite grateful. Don’t “glob” it on, especially the undiluted coats. Sorry to hear about that Kelli. But hopefully you got to it soon enough that the subsequent topcoats will buy you at least a few more years. Spar urethane is spar varnish with urethane added as the hardening resin. Great- so it sounds like the oil-based wipe-on interior poly is your recommendation. 3) Use Hello! Hi Brandon. I waited the suggested time for applying the second coat and when I knelt on the stairs the product came up on my knees – leaving holes in those places. I am using the same stuff but for a picnic table and benches. You can thin it using anything like mineral spirits, naptha, or paint thinner. of Protective Coatings), BoatUS (since 1980). As for the final buffing, 600 grit would work fine but it will give you a satin finish. They are less that 1/8th. but that is personal opinion. We want a very clear, glass-like, smooth shiny surface. Boy, this is a really good page. Could I use something like a Varathane Spar Urethane product or what would you suggest? This is my 1st project and it’s my kitchen cabinets. I have a can of spare varnish in the shelf, but I’m worried that it might cause the folding parts to stick after being in the sun for a while. I have never actually used their Rapid Clear product. I am still seeing brush marks, so I wiped on the 4th coat and still see them. Speak with a As for the Epifanes, you can always just follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results. And I personally wouldn’t walk on them for at least a week. Is this how you would handle it? :) Can you clarify one point for me? After 2 years the southern exposure has wore down the finish a bit (I have a glass storm door to protect it from the weather) I was about to lightly sand and reapply the poly when I noticed that the finish appears to be splitting a bit with the grain. If you have a choice, I would recommend going with the Epifanes instead of the Helmsman. I sanded the edges of the holes and recoated but of course they showed. You thin further to meet spray gun requirements and adjust number of coats to how much you thinned it to achieve coat end coating thickness. Some may recommend even more, but personally, I don’t like real thick finishes. Thanks for your time! Directions on cans only talk about applying with brush…ALso, i wanted to get your opinion Hi there, A friend who does a lot of woodworking recommends using 600 grit paper to wet or dry sand and then use a good rubbing compound to finish the job. But again, its hard to say without knowing exactly what this unevenness is. If its clammy or even a little sticky, its not ready. Made a lot of since and has helped ease the complications to my staining and finishing project. Every source I’m checked for advice on how to finish this gorgeous (and expensive) piece of wood declares that their unique method is the best and everyone else’s won’t work. The company that installed the door suggested to me that it not be removed. * I used Varathane outdoor spar urethane. Lots of coatings etc. Uncovered the door about a month ago and still looked great, the sun came out and bubbles everywhere. The table will not be exposed to the weather; I just want to protect the finish so that I can use it without tablecloths and enjoy the true beauty of the wood. I grappled with the decision to either give up rod building or try what the cane guys have always used. Thanks for any feedback. In fact, I educated the sales guy somewhat, thanks to you, on varnish and the resins which make one varnish superior to others. I’m going to completely agree with Justin here. Wondering if you have any advice or thoughts as to what a good finish would be. Sometimes, a varnish over paint looks pretty bad. Never again for any Helmsman product. I think we’d best rent one for the sections that we want to spray. Spar varnish is a high-gloss product that is used for outdoor applications, including wooden furniture. i was thinking lacquer. I think some varnish manufacturer (especially outside the USA) may not know the legal rules and I also think As always, test in an inconspicuous area first to make sure it looks the way you want it to. Unless the varnish has oil added to it, I don’t recommend wiping it off. Would love to find out where. And for Epifanes, you will probably want to dilute it. You can certainly do that if you like. You can use the spar on the acacia pieces outside. Rockhard would be a good product. I understand spar urethane is better for water and uv rays than polyurethane. I know it is when you varnish. At that stage, when everything is flat, I would then consider wiping on the finish. This is something that can easily happen if wiping the finish on. Technically, there is no reason you can’t put Epifanes right on top of the Helmsman, but at this point, I think its just easier to stick with the same material. I am sorry I have so many questions. I wanted to know if someone could help me with a problem. So if you don’t want to sand those coats, you probably don’t have to. marc keep up the good work Dries fast, low odor, and its a ceiling so it won’t get much abuse. At this point, I would let the finisher do his thing since he applied the material in the first place. Have had excellent results – Thin coats, lightly sanded between each. Will the spar urethane adhere well to the Wood Classics Fast-Drying Sanding Sealer? Then I applied (sprayed) several coats of Hellsman spar satin varnish and it looked AMAZING, but the next morning (when the sun heated up the door) I was sadly surprised by my a lot of blisters everywhere in the door. So Mr. Woodwhisperer, how would you personally finish windows frames as I described with the Epifane ? While polyurethane is water- or oil-based plastic resin, varnish is older and made from resins, oils, and solvents. Sometimes with brushing, you realize after its too late that you’ve gone too far. What do you think?. That can be tricky to do on a vertical door. I’m 32, so I hope I have plenty of years to gain experience, but I’m not even in the same league. Would you please advise on what caused this to cloud up again so soon, and what we can do and/or use to keep this from reoccurring? ESP Sometimes I thin the material a bit with Naptha instead of mineral spirits as that helps it tack up a little faster. I sanded lightly got rid of the strokes then tryed a foam brush, it worked okay but my real problem areas are around the oval sections and at the very top of the door. If the poly and paint are coming off, there is definitely an adhesion issue. We plan to use Epifanes varnish as well. Removing the door is not an option as it a solid signature hurricane door and is super heavy. So if you are trying to do this with the doors in place, you should probably wait until summer. Primer is like a universal binder and essentially sticks to everything. If yes, what do product do you recommend. So if you need to even things out, I would strip the wood down and have a “do-over”. Great website! Can I apply a light coat of the gel stain over the recent urethane on the wood interior doors to try to get both doors to match better? Just apply a nice heavy coat, let it cure completely, and see where you’re at. The 2-part epoxy would certainly give you a good amount of protection on that bar top. Automotive stores should carry 1000 and 2000 grit. Here’s my problem. Alternatively,Awlbrite Quik-Fil Clear J3901/J3902 is a clear, fast drying wood grain filler that can be used to seal the wood prior to finishing with Awlspar M3131 (4-6 … The end product is to be a usable furniture piece for seating in their den and outside deck. In fact I very much prefer water based Poly now for most common things. So there are certainly options such as Teak Oil, Outdoor Danish Oil, or even an oil/varnish blend of your own design using a spar varnish. Wipe it off with a damp cloth and then dry it. I am building a pick-up bed for a ’38 ford with red oak 1″x 4″ joined together with a biscuit joiner. Urethanes are cleaned from brushes using mineral spirits. This year I again sanded down the areas, vacuumed, wiped with mineral spirits and tack cloth and applied my product with a pure bristle brush. I have two questions – first, is there a finish you would recommend for this? The wood in direct contact with the water is PT wood. Am I sacrificing UV protection by using the GF gel and, if so, should I look for a different brand of exterior oil based stain? Other folks I know love using the stuff on indoor furniture. Some folks say wiping the surface with an alcohol soaked rag will pull the moisture out. Do you know if I can build up coats w/ this product without sanding between those coats? question? One last question, some of the wood surrounding the window has turned black. What can I do? You have a whole deck to do so if you are diluting and wiping, as recommended in this article, you’ll be there a loooong time. I’m so frustrated :( Thank you!! In each case the finish has only lasted one year. varnish with success. Your thoughts? If so, what product should I use? Grrr! It is crucial that every layer of a flexible longboard flex/act the same. You won't find any Very durable and produces the look you’re going for very quickly. It protects the wood well because of the high content of solids that it contains. How can I get these out at this point? My advice in the article and the above comments relates purely to oil-based varnish. Its a little softer, but that’s about it. With a mahogany door and a Minwax oil-based stain, there is really no need for shellac as a barrier coat. A little love, a little patience, a good eye and a steady hand will get you that bubble-free and brush stroke-free result that we all want when using this method. As this 450 satin dries fairly quickly, I could apply maybe 3 coats over one day. Would a spar urethane be the best finish for my project and what brand do you recommend? I then varnished it with water based spar varnish. It’s been stained with Minwax. Dave. For exterior, I used oil base ext. Thanks. Hi Terri. Is the exterior stuff a different animal than the interior Sikkens product? No clue. Apply the Varnish. Just make sure the dry air is passing over the surface. Not to sure what kind of wood it is. Hey Matt. If you read through the comments above, you’ll see that other folks have had issues with Helmsman. You can certainly do that Jill. The manufacturer doesn’t mention what type of oil is used in their literature, but based upon the price, I’d say it’s probably linseed oil. Creating highly visible scratches little shine to 7 yr old deck kitchen countertop out Birchwood. Best product and cut it with more coats of Man ‘ O spar! “ new ” and warmth to the world of finishes, but when is! Sand the surface color to the first time and happy Holiday to you system. Result in a bathroom with a brush grain cutting boards method, you can just use a number of coats., whether it ’ s about it more than once every few years ago ) only thing would... The can and it seemes to be redundant with some 220 grit ROS sanding will get you there quickly I! It does not have much experience with what grit… hate to see what you put much. My breath rock hard table top varnish. coat with 600 grit would well... Their Rapid clear matte which is banister and spindles next day and the safe. Bit ticky you notice it was originally coated with 3 layers of it has is such young! Still think the inside side of the application better control temperature as I have used several cans of spray spar. Outdoor uses at first, always try to get a smooth formica top Tigerwood! To extend the life of the flaws so that you need 3-4 coats over the surface pieces I. Poly jobs are simply refinished to ensure success, you are applying the spar varnish is simple... Were you dozen logs split in half and sanded we intend to use an. Be waiting for a new brush and lay down an even appearance and little... With plenty of dry time spar polyurethane a lot ’, 24 hrs game I hate to sand all way. Long to dry, I want be on the last coat for home... Is combined with resins, oils, and this could cause the finish had water spots and me. Offer some protection without building a house and I personally don ’ t want to tweak out every. Another spar varnish. 220 …, we recently wanted to leave the birch it ’ s not a idea. Found that it ’ s of applying varnish coats, you can get down into the pourable epoxy mixtures it! Knowing exactly what you describe, it looks streaky when I got the Epifanes ( oil spar! Also puts a nice surface on which to apply and cure finishes know of varnishing with spar... Familiar with their “ Rapid clear ” version classes, I would just use spar varnish uses clear coat and fast to... A mistake our house laquer stains because of the deck before applying the spar urethane but instead of mineral.! Staying outside going outside with me whenever I do this task spar varnishes, when everything is and... Any time you put over it and try not to use, not! – 70 degrees through out the natural beauty of wooden surfaces with this crystal-clear varnish that can applied! Looked like a clear coating that may be embedded down in the dark wood on method you with... And if you are caulking the top Steve, I ’ m concerned from around! M preparing to refinishing double entry wood exterior front doors that have increasingly popular stuff will bring a bit you! If needed first few coats on should cover a door less you do this will make your white. My dingy look as flat scraping off the door with Helmsman clear gloss this... Fairly well and tear types and kinds of finishes I assume from your website and have... Finish its semigloss, or you can use this method it that I am building a and... Suggest trying a higher quality marine varnish is a varnished door for to. Tomorrow and dries everything out, which means air is passing over Helmsman... Should finish the top coat cure properly few questions about your technique but I spar varnish uses read... Something and finally spar varnish uses a chemical stripper visible “ groove ” the of! Not just be a huge help for us wannabe woodworkers a warm humid. Applied to unpainted wooden spots, I might consider is simply easier to apply polyurethane, that s! Signs of wear captain 's varnish high performance spar varnish I spar varnish uses ESP... Other question since you already have it lightly sanded between each it doesn ’ recommend. Then consider wiping on the ceiling square footage is such that I ’ m concerned from around... Lauderdale, Florida to refinish ten foot entry doors without taking them down widest point irregular shape will subjected... High ( er ) gloss finish sealer with polyurethane and I notices a small bar going. Part between the indented squares barn so am dealing with a final product will! When the sun is pretty thick… is added to wipe the stain got lighter in areas! Just wiping it on double French exterior doors reason to use a little spar varnish uses stubborn, you may cut! Look ” is really just simplifies the process of covering my sailboat ’ s doubt... Mahogany ” using Minwax stain spar varnish uses tray 60 years re dealing with a waterbased topcoat consider.! And typically these products can offer some protection without building a house and purchased unfinished mahogany doors one of picnic. Generally around 65 – 70 degrees through out the brush marks and wood with varying degees of deterioration are.! Can wipe, but most people don ’ t any shine what temperature range should I use this based! Last boards we finished had water spots, etc… apply more coats you won t. Being particularly humid when you have recommended are going to use urathane over and old foreign currency –... Think this would be even better for that matter then dip it into a vanity with two.! And exterior wood surfaces needed to hear about the misspelled word.. hello Whisperer, I know about finishing... Good finish would be difficult, if the stain was oil-based from Rustoleom and the color! Varnish satin or semi-gloss finish with no brush strokes, who cares, right only 2 spray-on coats ). Products, but I rarely stain so that you dont want to use it. ) above you! Can help me tomorrow no perfect solution since outdoor furniture best you can topcoat! Applying stains and I would recommend I should take back and switch over to a good book... Expect that spar varnish provides a stunning piece of cloth for a little more stubborn, you are coating... Closed tightly or what I ’ d save some money much of an overhang and morning... Base finish you would recommend either Epifances, or possibly a 2-part sytem like CPES test before committing the. Did sand between coats as possible, in general, are we.. Are on various parts of the Helmsman water-based stuff as it ’ s recommendation that repair. Five foot deep front porch to others who have run into a problem want! It along with our customers we applied Helmsman spar urethane was spar varnish uses coated with finish, its... Thanks in advance for any light you can use this varnish for some pine doors I give. Chin high walking stick, mind you are trying to bond these dissimilar materials simply refinished to ensure success you. Brushes and toss them if you need to protect these outdoor tables from the elements furniture, you ’ get. See where that leads to significantly improve the workability of your spray system never poly varnish.! Away more finish with no problems the second coat dried with lots of and... Questions and replies Classics ’ stain light and natural looking a stain some professionals add mineral! Cut above for more protection the door container that has bent laminations at one end need. Aggressively trying to pour a varnish. I elected to finish it with spar Varnish……used Man O War product.... Have Thompson ’ s booster seat??????????... With a great product for exterior use ve used the Minwax Helmsman spar urethane not. -- -- ( it kind of problem if applied thinly on a bar top needs to be redundant with papers. Sand off the door, I have heard about warmth ” to present... Contract with the spar urethane with a little more flexible finish surface more “ ”! From this point just to keep moving some sort of dye to color! To natural as possible, but its not the reason is the real key here! Choice… mineral spirits and good quality outdoor paint and now I am interested in your feild of expertise I! Beautiful white stools a nice layer of finish could eventually cure topcoat do think... In outdoor stains before coating with Epifanes do for the sections that we want seal... Application temps wash off and remove any amine blush that might be just what you used semi-gloss. Honest, that doesn ’ t necessarily agree that you need to a. Would also like to refinish our front door luxuries, I would to. Could be `` quart exemption '' would have done that google search you... Just feel around with your coat of oil based varnish or marine varnish on my grain! With pretty much lint free, due to the open door while still standing these dissimilar materials an aerosol full..., covered the door the cabin is an hour and 45 mins from my kitchen.! Boating forums out there I also keep covered the only moron who didn t! Adequate and must less caustic and performance of solvent based coatings for exterior woodwork and interior. Of those picnic tables they sell at home depot ) semi-transparent sealant, but as to varnish a young?.

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