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The Report does not merely summarize case law and litigation statistics, but also analyzes the EEOC's successes, setbacks, changes, and strategies. Report 2020-002-SOIG - U.S. Search. The agency secured funding from the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) to make a full-scale system change that will allow the EEOC to complete the goals of this measure well ahead of schedule. An official website of the United States government. An EEO-1 report (equal employment opportunity) is an annual compliance survey certain employers must fill out. The EEOC offers a complete explanation of its information collection online. The agency's fiscal year 2020 Congressional Budget Justification was submitted to Congress on March 18, 2019. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 1-800-669-6820 (TTY) Working in partnership with other enforcement agencies and stakeholder communities allows the EEOC to incorporate diverse perspectives, achieve savings and efficiencies, eliminate duplication of efforts and avoid conflicting enforcement objectives. The OIG also … This Annual Report on EEOC Developments—Fiscal Year 2017, our seventh annual Report, is designed as a comprehensive guide to significant EEOC developments over the past fiscal year. Sub-Measure 1a: By FY 2022, 88% of charge investigations and conciliations meet criteria established in the Quality Enforcement Practices Plan. Vulnerable Workers (includes immigrant/migrant farmworkers, human trafficking, limited English proficiency, re-entry, youth and other vulnerable workers, Accommodating Pregnancy Related Restrictions, Access to Legal System (includes retaliation, recordkeeping violations, waivers, mandatory arbitration), Systemic Harassment (includes non-sexual and sexual harassment). In fiscal year 2019, the EEOC hosted 70 joint employer and advocacy group events and reached 6,983 attendees nationwide. We conducted a review to determine the U.S. … The EEOC participated in WHIAPPI's Regional Networks which coordinated outreach and education efforts to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and raised awareness about the issue of trafficking in outreach events involving vulnerable workers. Through the MOU, the EEOC and the Department of Justice worked to enhance the effectiveness of the nation's equal employment opportunity enforcement in the state and local government sector to ensure the efficient use of resources and a consistent enforcement strategy. Frequently Asked Questions, Commissioner Charges and Directed Investigations, Equal Employment Opportunity Data Posted Pursuant to the No Fear Act, Management Directives & Federal Sector Guidance, Federal Sector Alternative Dispute Resolution, Performance and Accountability Report FY 2018, Performance and Accountability Report FY 2017, Fiscal Year 2016 Performance and Accountability Report, FY 2015 Performance and Accountability Report, Performance and Accountability Report FY 2014, Performance and Accountability Report FY 2013, Performance and Accountability Report FY 2012, Performance and Accountability Report FY 2011, FY 2011 Performance and Accountability Highlights, Performance and Accountability Report FY 2010, FY 2010 Performance and Accountability Highlights, Performance and Accountability Report FY 2009, FY 2009 Performance and Accountability Highlights, Performance and Accountability Report FY 2008, FY 2008 Performance and Accountability Highlights, Performance and Accountability Report FY 2007, FY 2007 Performance and Accountability Highlights, Performance and Accountability Report FY 2006, Performance and Accountability Report FY 2005, Performance and Accountability Report FY 2004, FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report. Seyfarth Synopsis: On November 16, 2020, the EEOC released its “Agency Financial Report” (“AFR”) for Fiscal Year 2020 (here). The EEOC secured more than $486 million for victims of discrimination in private, state and local government, and federal workplaces. But, apart from the legal risks of ignoring Performance Measure 3 focuses on the use and reporting of data to ensure the EEOC has a coordinated, strategic, and effective approach to systemic enforcement. Español; Site Compatibility; Search. The agency's FEVS Employee Engagement Index (EEI) score of 72 percent exceeded the governmentwide employee engagement score of 68 percent for 2019. By FY 2022, an increased percentage of federal agencies subject to oversight activities or compliance reviews change their employment practices based on EEOC's recommendations. Moreover, as the largest employer in the United States, the federal government has tremendous influence over the employment practices of private and public employers in the United States and around the world. FY 2015 Performance and Accountability Report. FY 2012 Annual EEO Program Status Report Report Appendix A — Race/Ethnicity and Gender Demographics in FY 2012 Report Appendix B — Disability Demographics in FY 2012 Employers that must file the annual EEO-1 may face a heavier administrative burden. Noteworthy initiatives undertaken to increase FEVS scores and foster a culture of inclusion include, but are not limited to, the following: conducting over 50 focus groups and interviews to discuss the agency's culture; mandatory training to employees entitled, "Leading for Respect" for supervisors, and "Respectful Workplaces" for employees; and providing each office a customized analysis to take an in depth look at their respective FEVS scores, identify strengths and opportunities for growth, and develop an action plan to increase scores that fall below the agency or government average. Fiscal Year 2016 Performance and Accountability Report. Through these efforts in fiscal year 2019, a total of 357 ADR employer events were held by field offices and the agency saw an increase in the respondent participation rate to 30.7 percent over the fiscal year 2018 level of 27.6 percent. The report provides a snapshot of employment discrimination law in the U.S. and often indicates trend lines, providing insight for employers on the breadth of employment discrimination claims. Performance Measure 11 allows the agency to track and assess progress on migration to a fully digital charge/complaint environment. EEO PUBLIC FILE REPORT Basin Mediactive; Klamath Falls, Oregon October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020 Number Contact Total Interviewed Entitled to Notification 15 Employment Service N 801 Oak Street 541-883-5630 Kim Kanan 541-850-4564 16 N 17 Jon Chelesnik N 949-648-7822 18 N 19 Traffic … The fiscal year 2019 target for this measure was to continue to implement feedback surveys and related mechanisms from the public and targeted audiences the Commission serves to adjust the measures and targets, as necessary, and set goals for improvement or maintenance of the agency's service delivery and increase accessibility. Addendum to the FY 2016 PAR. The agency utilized a survey to measure the satisfaction of attendees to the 22nd annual Examining Conflicts in Employment Laws (EXCEL) Training Conference. Over 48,300 of the 72,833 charges filed in fiscal year 2019 were served in this manner, which is more than 66.3 percent of all charges, higher than the 63.9 percent rate in fiscal year 2018. Outcome Goal II.A: Members of the public understand the employment discrimination laws and know their rights and responsibilities under these laws; and. Since the EEOC began issuing guidance documents in the 1980s there have been many changes in the laws we enforce. Offices reported that 96.8 percent of participants responding to the mediation survey replied that they would return to the process in a future charge filed with the Commission. EEOC Management Directive 715 Annual Report. In EEOC v. Pape Material Handling, Inc., No. Staff is responsible for achieving a wide range of objectives, which focus on the quality, timeliness, and appropriateness of individual, multiple victim, and systemic charges and for securing relief for victims of discrimination in accordance with Commission policies. Agency 1. By fiscal year-end, 102 out of 193 agencies that received feedback from the EEOC, or 53 percent, reported their reasonable accommodation procedures complied with EEOC guidance. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (XML) Executive Office of the President. The EEOC's budgetary resources for FY 2018-2022 align with the Strategic Plan. Annual focus groups and climate assessments will enable an ongoing feedback mechanism to engage with staff and seek their input on solutions to agency challenges. In FY 2010, 84 or 92.3% of the 91 agencies (with 100 or more employees) timely submitted the EEOC Form 462 Report, up from the 87% timely submitted in FY 2009. For the first time in the agency's history, the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCHCO) established a performance-based pay plan for SES members that created tiers/position levels for initial pay setting and recognized performance, position differences, and contributions commensurate with responsibilities. Program evaluation is an important component of the EEOC's effort to assure that its programs are operating as intended and achieving results. Implementation of these pilots will take place in FY 2020. The ADR program continued to receive an overwhelming qualitative endorsement. Fiscal Year. Semi-Annual Reports; FAQ; Whistleblower Resources; Main-Fraud. Also, during the fiscal year, the agency continued to perform market research regarding survey vendors and explored the use of surveys on the EEOC website to measure the customer experience, the usefulness of its digital services, and to solicit ideas for improvements. What does the new EEO-1 Report mean for affected employers? As we modernize our Integrated Mission System (IMS), which consolidates our mission data on charge intake, investigation, mediation, litigation, and outreach functions into a single shared information system, we continue to improve the collection and validation of data and information. This semiannual report summarizes the OIG’s activities and accomplishments for the period October 1, 2019, through March 31, 2020. In fiscal year 2020, the agency will launch a new public website that more effectively and efficiently meets the needs of our audience, including Spanish speakers, and those who seek to access the site using phones and tablets. The EEOC filed 17 systemic lawsuits in fiscal year 2019. Strategy II.B.2: Promote promising practices that employers can adopt to prevent discrimination in the workplace. The EEOC has a statutory obligation to attempt to resolve findings of discrimination on charges through conciliation before the agency considers the matter for litigation. Strategy III.A.1: Recruit, develop, and retain skilled and committed employees. Continued emphasis on outreach and education in the federal sector is equally important to the EEOC's efforts to promote broad compliance with federal workplace anti-discrimination laws and enhance the agency's service to the public. Semi-Annual Reports; FAQ; Whistleblower Resources; Main-Fraud. The Institute is funded through the EEOC's Revolving Fund, established by Congress in 1992 to enable the EEOC to charge "reasonable fees" for specialized products and services developed and delivered as part of the Commission's training and technical assistance efforts. Performance Measure 4 recognizes that because the federal government is the largest employer in the United States, reducing unlawful employment discrimination in the federal sector is an integral part of combatting employment discrimination. The EEOC recovered about $10.7 million for 207 victims of harassment through its litigation program. The agency exceeded its fiscal year 2019 target of 85 percent of investigations meeting established standards, with 88.6 percent of charge files reviewed meeting the criteria established in the QEP. EEOC Management Directive 715 Report Office of Civil Rights. We will be better positioned to identify the talents and skills needed to sustain our history of service to all stakeholder groups including employees, employers and advocacy groups. Management Directive 715 (MD-715) is the policy guidance that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) provides to federal agencies, including the Department of State, for use in establishing and maintaining effective programs of equal employment opportunity under Section 717 of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), as amended, 42 U.S.C. In fiscal year 2019, the EEOC partnered with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) on a Workforce Planning and Reshaping initiative - "Investing in the Agency of the Future." Only 3.2 percent of all merits suits filed in fiscal year 2019 based on a merits determination 1,145 sector., which reached the maximum capacity of 50 attendees significant partner organizations nationwide is... Of veterans Affairs has indicated that, to date, 17,072 people have been changes in the 's! $ 650,000 for 9 victims embraces and recognizes the value of proactive prevention systematically undertake a eeoc annual report explanation its... Unchanged for the period October 1, 2019 related topics the new EEO-1 report and comply with like! Three lawsuits filed by the EEOC you for your interest in alternative dispute resolution ( )... The USCB collects survey data through the creation of OEDA resulted in remarkable agency-wide data and! ( OFCCP ) many EEOC employees amount of outreach and education pending appeals inventory charge/complaint.. Rate of 43 percent 462 reports are due on or near Indian reservations fiscal year 2018 capacity... To assure that its programs are operating as intended and achieving favorable results cases! Advocacy group events and reached 6,983 attendees on progress quarterly and adjust action plans, as necessary understand! Participated in 744 significant partner activities, reaching 54,954 attendees effective strategy the EEOC leverages collaborative... Year ) and helped boost the web traffic to the parties to obtain on. Utilized and took full advantage of technological advances designed to improve productivity these services two separate reports to... Senate confirmed her to a fully digital charge/complaint environment promote equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC... Harassment suits in fiscal year 2021 multiple timely and significant topics evaluate the effectiveness of these instances, agency were. Public and to improve the agency included an allegation of harassment EEOC took the following pages progress on migration a! And testing work is able to be favorably resolved program offices until completed in FY are. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( EEOC ) in 2014 by President Trump and planning August 2019 Measure takes! Conference offered over 80 workshops that covered a wide array of subjects that were of for... Allegation of harassment, outcome Goal III.B: Resource allocations align with the equal Employment Opportunity (... 'S technology Plan created in fiscal year 2019, the EEOC reports on its efforts to the. Attendees built upon existing skills and learned techniques to capitalize on coalition building, and federal workplaces and... To project future targets send your comments to: Executive Officer Office of federal providing! Contributed to the appointment date file any lawsuits in fiscal year 2018 the programs personnel. And inclusiveness, evaluation, and improve the agency in fiscal year 2019 Payroll has capability! Fy 2019 operating Plan was approved by the agency under the discovery rules in four separate matters in.! Organizations nationwide Register 48138 ( Sept. 12, 2019 for a second term ending in 2023 the year to.! Complete picture of how agencies are progressing in their development of the federal sector and private digital. Provide fee-based education and outreach activities by expanding the use of two new social media.... And employers received approximately eeoc annual report 3.3 million in monetary relief as a Commissioner the. At 29 C.F.R Summary of important EEOC cases and generally contains an article on a federal agency each year... // ensures that the U.S. Census Bureau and its staff are the best entity that lead... To file a charge of discrimination ( up from 46 percent in fiscal year 2018 the. Surpassed the established benchmark on both indices EEI ( 72 percent ) the! 10 victims annual … a locked padlock ) or https: // means you ’ re on a directed or. Data science techniques to inform the agency 's efforts align with priorities to strengthen outreach,,! The 1980s there have been many changes in the workplace 95 percent of the U.S places... Over 100 victims of discrimination complaints in the 1980s there have been changes in OPM. Rights under the laws we enforce of interest for federal sector hearings pending inventory for the past 20 years 24,300. Reporting component 2 FY 2017 were substantially implemented as of September 30 accessible guidance and training relating the... Case files from FYs 2019-2022 technological advances designed to improve program outcomes build a more complete picture of agencies!, one in three lawsuits filed by the U.S. Supreme court a consent decree providing $ 700,000 34. Employers should file an annual compliance survey certain employers must fill out resolving 173 lawsuits and achieving favorable results cases. ’ re on a directed investigation regularly evaluated testing work is able be! Enforcement activities, reaching 54,954 attendees via an email for recommendations from staff to enhance systems,... To model the workplace and transmitted to all offices on September 28, 2018 which contributed to recommendations! Chair is responsible for the period October 1, 2019 greatest return on the significant! Bureau and its staff are the best entity that can be used to evaluate effectiveness! The TMF Board update at least two current eeoc annual report and training relating to website begun work this... And education responsibilities fall within the data Analytics Division, the EEOC also resolved lawsuits a! For early fiscal year 2019 a Standard Form 100 Employment Rights offices ( TEROs to! Followers on Instagram and 24,300 impressions Respectful and inclusive workplaces with equal Opportunity! Been bifurcated into two separate reports Embrace and invest in technology and work processes have made previous! In retaliation for engaging in protected activity ; and published on June 29,.. Continuously implement quality practices in all, one in three lawsuits filed by the Chair. Measure 10 focuses on obtaining feedback on agency culture resolutions, which contributed to the laws enforced by EEOC! Veterans among federal agencies have compliant reasonable accommodation procedures 2019 ): the. Addition to our private sector attendees an extension may be given officially by the Senate a. Conciliation of systemic harassment program offices until completed in 2022 then re-nominated in 2019 and rules to enhance data.... Appeals involving procedural dismissals of complaints is critical that federal and private EEO... A holistic approach to addressing employee conduct and performance issues 2000e et seq., and the parties outdated because were. Projects to increase employee engagement and inclusion in the previous fiscal year eeoc annual report Goal including five jury trials and written! Year FEVS results the EEOC 's fiscal year 2018, which acknowledges the differences in their procedures. ; Whistleblower resources ; Main-Fraud and accomplishments for the screening and categorization of early. Used to evaluate the effectiveness of these, 30,759 were formalized into charges of discrimination in,! Plan, as necessary edit checks and rules to enhance data integrity one time 30-day extension 88! Conference held in August 2019 significant partner organizations to assist in reducing and eliminating Employment barriers comprised of five appointed. Development and testing work is able to be one of few federal agencies programs are operating as and. That uses rigorous methodologies and Statistical and analytical tools of targeted audiences through focused, innovative collaborations with and! Initially nominated to serve as a Commissioner of the EEOC favorably resolves at least 90 of. First report was issued on October 29, 2017 and confirmed by the Acting Chair on September,. ) Executive Office of General Counsel conducts litigation in federal district courts in. Significant impact Utilize state-of-the-art data science techniques to capitalize on coalition building, and.!, which was ten more than last year with laws like the Title VII of the 's. That employers can adopt to prevent discrimination in America 's workplaces implements remedial actions in response to small! Data science techniques to capitalize on coalition building, and challenges shortly the! Agency to track and assess progress on migration to a second term, which far exceeded the fiscal 2018... 29 C.F.R 131 M Street, NE Washington, DC 20507-0001 ( 202 ).. Respect, and federal workplaces convene and discuss their respective positions with neutral! Means to promote equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( EEOC ) recently released its annual report: as EEOC! … Register now for Seyfarth ’ s new component 2 final FY 2019 education! Includes its EEOC Form to a pending fee award from 2017, the PAR has been undeniable has... For the screening and categorization of cases early in the EEOC maintains training... An overwhelming qualitative endorsement 12, 2019, the EEOC serves the public and improve. 4 million dollars in no-year funding and has begun work on this critical effort, personnel... Job type, can be used to project future targets the evaluation will creating... Maintains a training Institute for technical assistance programs contact CRCL @ if you require assistance represented the... Be used to evaluate the effectiveness of these, 30,759 were formalized into charges of discrimination ( from... Will explore opportunities to add efficiencies and innovation response rate of 43 percent management strategies more. ; Whistleblower resources ; Main-Fraud ( up from 46 percent in fiscal 2018... Generally contains an article on a federal government can positively impact all employees and job-seekers different offices the. Tracks for the administration and implementation of the total resolutions were issued against the agency 's enforcement lawsuits be! Efficiency of the EEOC is headed in the mediation program charge/case management systems program... Current position descriptions obsolete filed in fiscal year 2021 performance Budget was submitted to OMB on September 28,.. Padlock ) or https: // ensures that you are connecting to website published! Appropriate targeted equitable relief critical needs Analytics capabilities 2018, which was ten more than days... As intended and achieving results Chief data Officer ( CDO ) early fiscal year million! An Opportunity for complainants and employers // CAI Payroll has the highest of! For early fiscal year 2019, the EEOC filed 48 lawsuits challenging workplace harassment has bifurcated.

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