Simple installation and configuration

The configuration of the device thanks to the innovative application is easy and pleasant. Our technical support is at your disposal.

Real-time tracking

At any time you can check where your dog or cat is, in what direction it travels, what is actual pet's speed and how it is far away from you.

An intuitive mobile and website application

In real-time mode GPS positions are refreshed even every 10 seconds. Depending on your preferences, you can observe the movement of animals using a web browser or on mobile devices.

The most important functionalities of Petio GPS platform

Meets to your needs

Remote configurations

Remote configuration of GPS locators is possible by sending commands directly from the application or website

Activity statistics

The time of running, walking and resting of animals gives you a picture of their condition and helps the vet to make a diagnosis.

Notifications and alerts

Notification about leaving the dog or cat outside the virtual fence will allow you to take appropriate actions very quickly.

Real-time tracking

View the movement of a dog or cat in real time and the view of the path, direction and speed allow you to quickly find your pet.

Virtual fence

Get an instant notification when your pet leaves a defined safe area. This functionality is especially useful for owners of guard dogs.

Silent listening and voice communication

Double-sided voice communication allows you to listen to the area where the dog is located or to issue your commands or to talk with the person who found your pet.

Available GPS trackers

The whole offer is available in our store:

GPS Tracker - Petio ET20

  • Weight: only 35g!
  • Dimensions: 55 * 37 * 17mm
  • Frequency of sending: even every 10-15sec (live mode)
  • 2 communication modes: listening or 2-way communication
  • Battery life:
  • 18-24h at continuous live mode
  • 2-3 days with the "sleep snooze" mode activated (wake up call or phone call)
  • 3-5 days with "sleep deep" mode enabled (wake up only by device movement)
  • Waterproof IP67 (IP67 allows for a short immersion to a depth of 1 m)
  • Works with any SIM 2G / 3G SIM card. The monthly consumption of data transfer is about 300-500Mb.

Order now

and you will get a glowing LED collar (size M) as a gift

After purchase

1) Install the SIM card according to the instructions and charge the tracker
2) Install app from Apple Store or Google Play
3) Create your account in Petio app
4) Log in
5) Start use the app and enjoy

Technical support

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Technical support

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